Continuously Improve Risk Management & Automate the Deming Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle
with AXL Management System

AXL Management System works hand in hand with the widely accepted Deming PDCA management cycle. As stated by the U.K.’s Health and Safety Executive, “Plan, Do, Check, Act helps you achieve balance between the systems and behavioral aspects of management. It also treats health and safety management as an integral part of good management generally, rather than as a stand-alone system.”


When applied to risk management, the Deming cycle can look like this:


Establish customized plans to control your organization's unique risks.


Implement your organization's requirements with ongoing guidance.


Evaluate your organization's performance and implementation results.


Correct deficiencies and modify plans to continually improve performance.

AXL Management System incorporates PDCA principles and automates the risk management process by providing an interactive framework for an organization to establish, implement, and continually improve a customized risk management system.


AXL automates each step of the process and incorporates critical guidance along the way to enhance continuous performance improvement and achievement of organization goals.


Simple compliance audits are a dime a dozen, but none of them look at management systems the way Audit XL (now AXL) does.

If you want to implement a safety management system designed to fit the specific needs of an individual organization, there’s nothing else out there like Audit XL (AXL).

Mike Sharkey
General Cable - Manager, EH&S Services, North America


The Developer is the Key

The AXL Developer enables users to ensure that their risk management protocols are always appropriate for their unique circumstances.

Create and/or Customize Content

Users can freely develop customized content modules to address specific aspects of organization risk.

Provide Automated Guidance

Resource links provided in the Developer to address specific aspects of each content module, can provide on-demand guidance for users who assess performance and develop and/or implement corrective action plans.

Customize AXL Starter Modules

AXL clients can use the Developer to customize KRIHOS' free Starter Modules to ensure that they address the user's specific circumstances.

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Guide Users to Successfully Implement Organization Requirements

Ensure that every user clearly understands each unique requirement and the specific actions they must take to achieve successful implementation.

Enable Instant Documentation of Implementation Activities

Ensure that supporting documentation of implementation performance evaluations, corrective actions and task assignments is immediately available for management review.

Store and Organize Documents for Easy Access

Organize policies, procedures, regulations, standards, training, etc., for easy retrieval by users.  AXL starts your library with a sizable collection of  Risk Management internet Links, and  includes some Risk Management Starter Procedures you can edit to address your needs.

Share Documents with Other AXL Users

Document Links created in the AXL Client / Server mode are automatically shared with all users. In the Single User mode, links can be easily imported / exported to other users.

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Consistent Performance Evaluation

Consistent Performance Evaluation is assured as the user is systematically guided through each Content Module’s requirements. The ability to present consistent guidance to users ensures that criteria are applied as intended.

Auto Assessment Answer Text

Assessment Answer Text prepared in the Developer, can be generated by selecting a Score level for each Assessment question / statement. 

Auto Recommendations

Corrective Action Recommendations prepared in the Developer, can be displayed for selected Assessment Score Levels.

Auto Corrective Action Plans

Auto Recommendations can be designated to automatically initiate Assessment Corrective Action Plans.

Assessment - Priority, Score Type, Weighting, & Risk Level

The use of unique Assessment Priority Level, Score Type, Weighting and Risk Level simplifies the subsequent development of Corrective Action Plans and Task Assignments.

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